Alliance Insurance Group

We are great at what we do

For over 25 years in the insurance broking and risk management consulting business, our group has been offering a wide range of first class service and has also been providing professional advice to clients in various fields and industries nationwide and across the Middle East

Our Products

General Insurance
Corporate Solutions
Health & Life Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance

Core Insurance Products

  • General Insurance

    A major interest of our team is putting together the development of superior strategies,  products of insurance companies with a comprehensive range

  • Corporate Solutions

    Whether you are self-employed, a small company of 4 to 25 employees or larger organization of more than 100 employees, your manpower is your company’s most valuable asset

  • Health Insurance

    Need for Health Insurance is getting larger with the continuing increase in the cost and charges of medical treatment thus making Health Insurance a top priority for all families and individuals

  • Life and Personal Accident Insurance

    Life Insurance provides coverage against financial loss arising from death of the Assured.  It secures your financial future and assists in providing your dependents to maintain a comfortable life should any misfortune happen

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

    A legal need and requirement is essential whenever you decide to own a car and have it driven on the roads.  Motor Vehicle Insurance is not a luxurious option but rather a necessity

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