Preferred Client Program Benefits

Alliance Insurance Group

Program Benefits

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • New Business Discount
  • Renewal Discount
  • Preferred Service

Personal Accident Cover*

Holder of Alliance Insurance Group ID benefits from a Personal Accident Cover including a) Loss of Life due to Accident, b) Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Hearing Speech Indemnity due to Accident, c) Total & Permanent Disability due to Accident for a Principal Sum of:

US$ 15,000 for Preferred Club Card, US$ 20,000 for Preferred Executive Card, US$ 25,000 for Preferred Elite Card or US$ 50,000 for Preferred Elite VIP Card.  Subsequently, an insurance certificate will be issued by our Insurers provides you with an easy to understand summary of your Personal Accident Protection Plan and serves as an individual certificate of Insurance under the Master Policy issued by the Company to the Policyholder. If any conflict should arise between the content of this Certificate and the said Master Policy, the terms of the Master policy shall prevail.  Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Limits of the Insurers apply.


New Business Discount*

A premium discount shall apply to the client’s new policy for Home, Auto (All Risks) and other insurance policies issued and fully paid upon delivery as following:

Insurance Line                                 Discount

Auto All Risks                                      10%
Home Property                                     10%
All other insurances                              5%

The premium discount shall apply for individual policies only; No discount shall be applicable for groups, corporates or special promotions.

Renewal Discount*

After three years of a continuous coverage, a longevity discount shall apply to the client’s account for the Home & Auto (All Risks) insurance policies issued and paid as following:

In years                                               Home & Auto

4th anniversary                                    4%
5th anniversary onwards                       5%

If, for any reason, a policy must be reinstated or rewritten, the discount or any accumulated credit is forfeited, and the determination of longevity begins anew.

If clients’ Auto (All Risks) insurance remain claims-free for a continuous period of 3 years, there shall be an added discount of 2% to the above Auto (All Risks) renewal discount starting the 4th anniversary onwards.

Preferred Service

Any participant to the Preferred Client Program will benefit from the special service that goes above and beyond any expectations.  If a participant may require an assistance or clarification to an insurance related matter or is involved in a road accident or an emergency requiring medical treatment (if medically insured by us), he/she can contact our 24/24 hotline on the backside of the Preferred Client Program card and receives the appropriate attention and rest-assured his or her case will be treated professionally.

*Insurers’ Terms, Conditions, Exclusions & underwriting procedure shall apply for new Business and renewals.

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