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A major interest of our team is putting together the development of superior strategies, products of insurance companies with a comprehensive range

We offer you a wide range of competitive tailored cover for your property and liability.

Our insurance brokers and risk management consultants are specializing in various insurance related products  and services.

Contractors All Risks Insurance is a comprehensive protection specially designed for builders, contractors and contract traders working at a contract site who are found to be legally responsible for all works prior to handing over.

Although the extent of cover varies depending on the Insurers, most policies include the following:

  • Public & Employers Liability
  • Contract works
  • Contractor’s own plant & equipment
  • Hired-in plant
  • Professional fees
  • Employee’s tools & Personal Effects
  • Indemnity to principal

Employer’s Liability Insurance is coverage against employer’s negligence, fault or breach of duty.  Employers and business owners have legal responsibility towards their employees.  For this purpose, this type of insurance helps businesses to meet the costs of compensations and legal fees for employees who are injured or made ill at work.

Jewelry All Risks is a worldwide all risk insurance coverage against physical loss or damage to Jewelry, Watches or Personal Possessions whilst being worn, carried by hand under the personal supervision   of the Assured or whilst deposited in a bank or locked safe.

Jewelers Block Insurance is a single policy providing all risks cover against loss or damage to diamond,   precious stones, jewelry, gold & watches whilst on the premises, in vault or safe deposit vault, in transit or   in custody of sales staff.  Generally, this includes fire, burglary, holdup robbery, shoplifting and other losses.

This type of insurance is the first choice for all jewelers and jewelry traders with a broad risk profile and is specially designed and tailored to suite all their needs.

Cover  includes:

  • Goods entrusted to you whilst on the premises or in transit
  • Goods entrusted to third party
  • Personal conveyance and private showing within the territorial limits specified in the policy
  • Window/Showcases display at the  Assured premises or in any hotel or motel during and outside business hours
  • Sleight of hand losses at the Assured premises
  • Loss or damage whilst at specified private home of principals, directors or employees
  • Seasonal increase in stock

Policy can be extended to include cover for public exhibitions trade shows international personal conveyance private showing, theft or dishonesty on the part of the Assured employees and international sending

Marine Cargo Insurance is a coverage provided to transported goods or merchandise from one place to another through various means of transports.

The fact that these transported goods and merchandise are subject to a number of risks that can  cause losses, we offer you a variety of cover to choose from depending on the nature of the goods and merchandise.

Because risks at sea are numerous, we believe that owners of sailing boat, motorboat, dinghy, yachts or super yachts deserve special consideration when it comes to Marine Yacht Insurance.

Key features of Marine Yacht Insurance:

  • Hull, Machinery & Equipment Insurance covers loss or damage to your own boat arising from named marine perils
  • Third Party Liability Insurance protects you against legal liability for loss or damage to third party & property or for personal injury when you are legally liable including any liability cost or expense arising in respect of water skiing
  • War Risks Insurance extending cover to include loss of or damage to the Vessel caused by war, civil war, strikers, riots & civil commotions
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance covers legal liability of Yacht’s owner towards the crew
  • Personal Accident including medical expenses to owner, owner & family members and guests

Money Insurance is a coverage providing protection for a business against loss of money and securities from any cause whatsoever including loss by dishonesty on the part of the Assured employees whilst they are in their possession on the Premises and off the premises (in transit).

Product Liability Insurance covers you against any compensation and legal costs awarded as a result of loss or damage to property or personal injury caused by any physical item product sold or given away by you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is coverage for specialists in various professional fields or industries.  It protects them against claims of negligence in the performance of professional services.

Most   professionals carry Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. This type of insurance is becoming compulsory for most professional businesses and services such as:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Media & Advertising
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Brokers & Consultants
  • Legal Counselors & Advisors

Property Insurance is a coverage that provides protection for your valuable assets and personal belongings including your Home, Shop or Office

Alliance Insurance Group offers two options in protecting things you value:

  • Open Perils or Property All Risks Insurance offers wider cover than  a standard policy.  This type of insurance provides cover to any accidental physical loss or damage to the   Insured Property not specifically excluded in the policy.  In most cases, this may include cover against Fire, Theft, Explosion, Aircraft or Impact by vehicles damage, Earthquake, Storm, Tempest, Flood, Riot or Malicious Acts and Strikers
  • Named Perils or Standard Fire, Theft or Allied Perils Policy.  This type of insurance requires the actual cause of loss or damage to be listed in the policy otherwise no coverage is granted

Public Liability Insurance is designed to pay any compensation and legal costs for any amounts you become legally responsible or liable to pay as loss or damage for bodily injury including death or property caused by an accident happening at the premises during the period of insurance up to the limits stated in the policy.

Liability Insurance is absolutely essential to every business owner or property occupier. It protects your business and you from financial losses that may occur if you are found to be at fault.

Special Event Liability Insurance covers losses for events which occur due to unforeseen circumstances.  It provides protection  against financial loss arising from cancellation or abandonment of the event you are holding due to incidents beyond your control resulting in consequential loss, loss or damage to your property or property you are legally liable for and third party  liability (personal injury & material damage).

This type of insurance is specially designed to protect Special Events such as:

  • Wedding, engagement & graduation ceremonies
  • Live entertainment & Music concerts
  • Plays & Theater events
  • Exhibitions & Conventions
  • Sporting Events
  • Seminars & Meetings
  • Commercial producers, TV/Film productions, media, publishing & Advertising
  • Social, political or religious gatherings

Workers Compensation Insurance is a coverage providing four types of benefits (medical care, death, disability, rehabilitation) for employees job related injuries as matter of right without regards to fault

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